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Why do an SEO audit?

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The main objective of the website is to attract customers. Indeed, whether it is a question of company prospects or ordinary consumers, everyone makes purchase journeys on search engines before making their choice. To do this, the company must implement an effective webmarketing strategy: Inbound marketing to generate leads, content marketing to attract customers in a non-intrusive way, the implementation of a complete digital ecosystem (blog, social networks, professional networks, showcase site…) to keep the benefits.

All this goes through the pillar of digital marketing strategies: natural referencing via quality content. This is where the SEO audit comes in. It is a diagnosis of the effectiveness of the campaigns conducted to obtain a better positioning on Google.

Focus on SEO audit

The SEO audit is the analysis of the effectiveness of its natural referencing strategy. It is a question of examining the website from every angle, detecting its strengths and weaknesses, finding points for improvement.
In concrete terms, it is a technical work that consists of:

analyse the site’s architecture, review its tree structure and ergonomics,
check the optimization of the tags,
measure the impact of the selected keywords,
check the indexing of robots,
quantify the contribution of netlinking
check the relevance of the content
review the user experience

SEO audit, a necessary step

The SEO audit is essential, even mandatory, for all those who want to improve their natural referencing. Based on the findings, the entities concerned (communication managers, marketing managers, SEO professionals, community managers) can define a list of actions to be undertaken.

The benefits of SEO auditing

SEO audit offers many advantages

Know the current positioning of the audited site in relation to its competitors. A page by page examination can detect which pages are well positioned and which are not.
Find competitors who focus their strategy on the same keywords, and identify their success factor or weakness. This is another approach to Benchmarking.
Detect the technical problems of the site: code problem, lack of mobile friendly, poor quality backlinks, download time of the page too slow…
Reassess the content.

SEO audit, a vital and long-term task

The SEO audit must be carried out on a regular basis in order to ensure the increasing performance of the website. With the constant evolution of Google and its PageRank algorithm, it is necessary to avoid possible penalties, due to optimization abuses.

A regular SEO audit also allows you to complete a competitive intelligence strategy. For example, if there is a massive influx of competitors who use the same keywords, but with more attractive text and visuals, it is time to find new keywords or update its content.

And last but not least, the SEO audit highlights pages that have not been visited in months. This allows you to delete or refresh such pages and replace them with recent content.

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