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Creation of showcase sites

Creation of showcase sites

A showcase site is a website that presents a company’s activities or products / services on the web.

What is a showcase site?

To develop your business, the showcase site is an essential element that will allow you to obtain new customers and engage them. This is a site that will show your credibility and notoriety. This site can contain all your contact information so that your future customers can contact you via a form.
To do this, our digital agency Creawebagency uses all its experience with its expert agents to provide you with a high-performance and functional website.

Why choose a showcase site?

A well referenced showcase site guarantees you a fast and efficient web presence. Creating a showcase site for your company means giving all the means to make your company a commercial agent to succeed. Other than business cards or advertising displays, it is an essential tool to communicate effectively and enhance your brand.

What does a showcase site consist of ?

Generally, a showcase site has:

1- A home page: which attracts the attention of Internet users
2- One page about it: to briefly introduce the company
3- One or more pages to present the services or products
4- A legal information page 
5- And a contact page or a contact form: to interact with the Internet user.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, you can increase the number of pages according to your needs.

How much does it cost to create a showcase site?

The price of a showcase site varies according to the needs of each customer. There are various factors that can influence prices, including the CMS (Content Management System) to be used, the responsive design or mobile adaptive design, the number of pages, the amount of content to be inserted or created, the desired design and natural referencing.
To help you define the budget for the creation of a showcase site, we will see a price range.
Simple showcase site: between 850 to 1500 € (limited number of pages 5 to 10 pages)
Advanced showcase site: between 1500 and 2500€ (unlimited number of pages).